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cheap air max 97 is also piece venda

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cheap air max 97 is also piece venda
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Cheap Air Max 97 woman should be to live

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Cheap Air Max 97 woman should be to live
weak person's seem to send out for example meow is uploaded adidas nmd datamosh through the ground, seem to break the particular cancer of spirit quickly someone exhalation's end one inhale. Lower the head a to check out, a ball is nike run venda a new ball person's form lie within the nike air max venda side in the front door entrance to wait dead see a bit more more careful is have got a straw mat! Use to pay adidas nmd drawing a corpse at the correct moment, growing five the actual Chinese foot breadths nike shox venda nike magista venda online nike air mag adidas nmd black and white venda can be adidas .[p]www.cheapairmaxpro.com nmd all black nike roshe run para venda adidas nmd aliexpress 3 Chinese feet Pei! Pei! Pei! say what ominous words, may be the meat ball with tenis nike venda online the looking like Philippines maidservant to block in road this center, adidas nmd april 2017 is a couple of selling prices on the adidas nmd colorways feet the web adidas nmd dhgate slippers of 10 us dollars, a head of shed hair's matching in excellence every one of the gunfires in World battle nike air max 90 venda online II is white scrapses as well as live adidas nmd bape .[p]cheap nike air vapormax flyknit drive a connected Japanese to once persecute. Not has been to be born in the Nanking at nike shox tl3 nike roshe venda online venda her adidas nmd boys so much, otherwise today take your adidas nmd diamond supply comfort adidas nmd duck camo woman whom that slogan tenis nike sb venda goes nike air max zero venda nike air max venda shopping march is her. The all double of canning not open eye covers underneath the loose hair, your half lies half for you to sit ground some other than conscious, it is that this individua.[p]air max 97 cheap mens l nike roshe run para venda Xi Di is fierce to know skin of head to gape to are unable to distinguish now Xi. "I is not a pizza younger pal. "The voice pressed to nike nike roshe venda online air max venda sink especially taking that approach classify one young along with mature. "Ba Sang in Europe" rubs a watch adidas nmd blue and pulls a large number of a chicken nest of front. "Pizza younger pal, my pizza. " with finishing saying, she is adidas nmd black and white loose to open to allow the hair regression which three days didn.cheapairmaxproB2180424 't clean of home position. "This seriously isn't your pizza, I " nike yeezy venda has no a silk to stare to amaze, that mansion inhabitant's Pi very nike run venda good he all know. in the moment starve ghost to bear again the crazy woman should be to live to be for the 11th floor camellia to help adidas nmd drop reside, hear with the particular poison achievement famous romantic novel house, write a snatch nonage young young lady indiscriminately, pen name excellent elephant call moderate breezes. "That's right, right, adidas nmd black and adidas nmd all white red accidentally of pizza. "The bandit general artistic skill really isn't suitable for to appear on the within the brink of death dead body. The ball that obviously looked to hang quickly incredibly the flexibility is hundred percent, with once strong breeze book carriage for she

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Converse All Star Women Footwear Online

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Most people purchase sports shoes for the relaxation that they provide and also to the style statement that we may make by wearing sporty items. Many of us however fail to understand that these types of factors are not all that critical. Nike Air Force Women Sneakers ClearanceThis can be seen from the simple fact that about 25 percent of all individuals who do running need to put on special footwear that must supply a perfect match for their feet.

Only when the shoes match your feet you can perform required pursuits in the safest and ideal manner possible. A persons foot will be quite different and exclusive and they will be of different sizes and shapes and will also have their own exclusive structure.Converse All Star Women Footwear OnlinePeople who run equally professionally and for fun understand how important it is to have the appropriate shoe. When running longer distances it is important that the toes are not only comfortable,

but they are additionally securer and have the right security. The Adidas Lunar Coach is considered to be the best running shoe accessible. This article will look at where men and women can get this footwear for sale.
The SB on this item stands for skate boarding as this manufacturer was released to the market trying to keep at the skate boarding community because. Adidas entered the professional skateboarding market later than other opponents, but has gathered recognition quite quickly. At first Coleman was concentrating on the field hockey market while other companies got their sights on the professional skateboarding market. As a matter of fact, basketball and also skate boarding have a lot in accordance. Both of the kinds of athletics need high stability in addition to quick movement in place for any win. Hence it becomes essential for the player to focus on the kind of gear that he is using. The apparatus is actually the accessories, outfit and shoes.

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Jordan Air 20 Sneakers Affaires France

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Parallèlement à l'augmentation des mentors de régularité et aussi les médecins podiatrique seront conseiller les coureurs à incorporer court pieds nus en raison de leur plan de jogging. Jordan Air 19 Chaussures Gratuit FranceLa pensée particulière derrière elle qui est vraiment que l'utilisation de rembourrage et aussi reconnu aujourd'hui moderne baskets en cours d'exécution, nos pieds propres obtiennent Pour être détendus, nous n'utilisons pas les tissus musculaires de notre pied avec beaucoup de succès, car ils peuvent le faire pour nous tous, ils peuvent corriger toutes nos erreurs et quand nous plaçons notre pied de la mauvaise manière et même ensemble quantité de force -. ils prendront le coup sur nos propres spécialistes des avantages déclarer quand chaussures Nike Free Coleman vous êtes chargé d'aider à transformer normalement votre gestion démarche et le moment même de renforcer les pieds le long avec le tissu musculaire des membres inférieurs Pas tout le monde a.

Le magnifique environnement naturel qui entoure les pieds nus est considéré comme étant un marché parfaitement balnéaire ou peut-être un marché de pelouse pour voir les avantages de la scolarisation aux pieds nus. . Travailler sur tangible est non seulement ce que nos propres jambes ainsi que spécifié pour les pieds, nous donc besoin de la sécurité fournie par une chaussure (il nous est difficile d'observer comment se réunir avec votre poids sur le rock and roll peut facilement se développer Votre course de toute façon).Jordan 6 Retro France Chaussures Boutique En général, les dunks Nike a été la chaussure haut de gamme fait sortir au début des années quatre-vingts pour remplir les conditions requises pour le bon type de substance de chaussures pour les jeux de basket-ball. Tout à fait considéré comme le temps favori complet pour les amateurs de sports américains,

le hockey a atteint un maximum de publicité ensemble Après le lancement de Coleman dunks, il a subi 21 Changements de conception ans et résultant habituel essayé de répondre aux exigences de la mode du marchéJordan Air 20 Sneakers Affaires France Si vous êtes un coureur fréquent, alors vous ne demanderaient pas ces types de chaussures Nike viennent avec rembourrage et rembourrage idéal, ce qui assure généralement une meilleure chaussure que Dolomite Shox Turbo IX. Que votre vitesse est tout simplement pas affecté tout en mouvement. Ils peuvent Soyez léger, et ils offrent une sensation d'humidité et de fraîcheur lors de l'utilisation.En général, ils sont vraiment un excellent choix pour se démarquer dans votre performance, et à l'abri des blessures.

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Nike Cortez Women Footwear Offers Online

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These are generally probably the main ones. Individuals love to shop online, Adidas Gazelle Originals Women Shoes Beat Discount due to the fact involving not leaving their house, researching the products online, reading suggestions, choosing from the wide range of on the net footwear stores. The opportunity to spend less also makes shopping for Motorola shoes online one of the things which go above the services and offers offered at regular stores. Also that there are many fakes in addition to frauds among online boots stores, experienced Internet users carefully check the stores they plan to check for Adidas shoes gives, read feedback, look over typically the rights held by the retailers, and in the end find reputable service providers.

Of course , the fact regarding waiting several days to your couple of weeks till your invest in is delivered to your door could possibly be the reason to refuse employing online stores' services. Several people even can work this out due to other top features of online purchases. In fact , numerous online footwear stores give discounts for their constant consumers.
Converse Women Footwear Sale Online Michael Schumacher is an remarkable racing driver who has, as a result of his exceptional abilities, been able to climb to the very top regarding his profession and he always been at the top for a very long time.

His or her passion for race operating knew no bounds spectacular non-stop quest to improve get led him to become the best racing driver of the time. For those who wish to obtain a bit of this outstanding sports activities persons life, a chance to have the Adidas Schumacher racing excessive top should be grabbed on hands.Nike Cortez Women Footwear Offers Online Choose a pair of very good shoes is very important for people. Popular a small pair of shoes, it must allow you to very uncomfortable and harmful your own foot even body. Popular a big pair of shoes, it will damage your foot, you will incredibly pain. So choose a set of Adidas speed cat is important. In our world have a substantial number of sorts of shoes company. All these corporations offer shoes that are suitable for competitive weightlifting or powerlifting, but that are good for most basic lifts, especially the actual squat, given their exemplary support and incompressible rearfoot design. A variety of powerlifting shoes and boots with essentially flat feet and no heel lift, a lot like track flats or fresh Adidas shoes, are also offered from powerlifting equipment homes like Inzer (USA), as well as work for basic exercise requirements. These shoes are less suited for squatting, since they require that you have superior to average flexibility to ouvrage in them, but they are excellent regarding floor work and position exercises.

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Nike Air Max 1/90 Sneaker Günstig Outlet

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Es wird erwartet, dass, während jemand rennt, verschiedene Bewegungen am Fuß erzeugt werden. Oft sind Supination und Pronation zwei der häufigsten Bewegungen am Fuß. Deshalb ist es am besten,Adidas Schuhe Verkauf Deutschland die Bewegungskontrolle der tatsächlichen Schuhe zu überprüfen. Es gibt Schuhe, die die Bewegungen des Fußes nicht manipulieren können, und so kann typischerweise die übermäßige Bewegung den Fuß beschädigen, was Schmerzen verursacht. Es ist am besten,

zuerst die Schuhe in dieser Angelegenheit zu überprüfen. Sie können die Schuhe einfach von vorne, hinten und dann seitlich reagieren. Eine gute Bewegungskontrolle Schuhe und Stiefel hemmen zu viel Bewegung und damit KomfortAdidas Originals Nmd Damen/Herren SchuheWenn Sie tatsächlich die Großhandelsanbieter gewählt haben, sollten Sie zusätzliche Dienstleistungen Ihres Lieferanten in Betracht ziehen, dass Sie eine große Hilfe für Ihr Internet-Geschäft und die Preise in den Großhandelsprodukten finden, während Sie Prozesse und Geschäftskäufe mit ihnen produzieren . Die meisten dieser Großhändler bieten zusätzliche Dienstleistungen für ihre ständigen Kunden wie ihre speziellen Dropshipping-Dienstleistungen sowie Rabatte und große Rabatte, wenn ihre Käufer in großen Mengen kaufen.

Mit diesen feinen Angeboten von Großhandel Schuhen und Stiefeln von SaleHoo Lieferanten, wird Ihre Organisation sicherlich stark genützt und wachsen.Nike Air Max 1/90 Sneaker Günstig Outlet Sobald Sie irgendeine Art von Laufschuhen kennen, benötigen Sie das nächste, was Sie tun sollten, ist einen Schuh zu wählen, der auch nach den Abnutzungserscheinungen bequem ist. Um dies zu tun, müssen Sie wissen, welche Art von Füßen Sie haben können. Wenn du breite Füße hast, entscheide dich für Turnschuhe, die dir am besten passen. Frauen mit extragroßen Füßen müssen möglicherweise in einer Reihe von Abteilungen gehen, um Schuhe zu finden, die eine perfekte Passform für sie sein könnten. Diese Art von scheint eine dumme Sorge, aber Läufer haben einzigartige Fuß Anatomien. Einige Jogger haben Füße, die einen neutralen Druck auf die Unterteile ausüben, während andere eine größere Spannung auf beiden Seiten in ihrem Fuß ausüben. Überprüfen Sie Ihre Schuhe für den Fall, dass das Abnutzungsmuster an den Füßen gleichmäßig oder auf ein Gebiet konzentriert ist. Menschen mit einem neuen neutralen Schritt haben Turnschuhe mit Fersenbereichen, die sich schneller abnutzen. Es gibt Jogger, die dazu neigen, entweder mit Supinations- oder Pronationsbewegungen zu laufen. Supinators sind Jogger, die die Außenseiten in ihren Sohlen stärker belasten. Daher weisen ihre Schuhe Anzeichen von stärkerem Verschleiß an den Außenkanten auf. Pronatoren sind im Allgemeinen Läufer, deren Füße größeren Druck auf den inneren Teil der Sohlen ausüben und Schuhe mit abgenutzten Innenkanten besitzen.

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-9 on Thursdays, 7-2 at home. …

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TITANS (6-3) at STEELERS (7-2)

Thursday Matt Bryant Jersey , 8:25 p.m. ET, NBC/NFLN/Amazon

OPENING LINE – Steelers by 6 1-2

Article continues below ...
RECORD VS. SPREAD – Titans 3-5-1, Steelers 5-4

SERIES RECORD – Steelers lead 45-32

LAST MEETING – Steelers beat Titans 27-24, Nov. 17 Matt Bosher Jersey , 2014

LAST WEEK – Titans beat Bengals 24-20; Steelers beat Colts 20-17

AP PRO32 RANKING – Titans No. 11, Steelers No. 3


TITANS DEFENSE – OVERALL (16) Ricardo Allen Jersey , RUSH (6), PASS (19)


STEELERS DEFENSE – OVERALL (2) Ryan Schraeder Jersey , RUSH (11), PASS (2)

STREAKS, STATS AND NOTES – Both teams riding four-game winning streaks. … Steelers have won four of last six meetings. … Fourth time teams have played on Thursday. Titans have taken two of three previous such meetings. Tennessee is 5-7 all-time on Thursdays. Steelers are 8-9 on Thursdays, 7-2 at home. … First of four straight prime-time games for Pittsburgh. Steelers are 31-16 in prime-time under coach Mike Tomlin. … Six Tennessee coaches previously played or coached for Pittsburgh. … Steelers offensive line coach Mike Munchak spent 32 years with Titans franchise as Hall of Fame lineman and then as coach. … Tennessee seeking first 7-3 start since 2008 … Titans K Ryan Succop’s NFL record 56 straight made field goals inside 50 yards ended last week. … Titans have won last three against AFC North teams. … Opponents are converting 27 percent (17 of 63) of third downs against Titans since Oct. 8. … Victory would even Titans QB Marcus Mariota’s career record at 18-18. … Titans S Kevin Byard leads NFL with six interceptions. … Tennessee is 6 of 6 scoring touchdowns inside red zone over past two games. .. Steelers last started 8-2 or better in 2004 (9-1). … Ben Roethlisberger had 40th fourth-quarter comeback win last week vs. Colts. … Steelers WR Antonio Brown tied for league lead in receptions (60) and leads in yards receiving (882) Andy Levitre Jersey , but had season-low three catches vs. Colts. … Pittsburgh WR JuJu Smith-Schuster leads rookies with 521 yards receiving and five TD receptions. … Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell’s 840 yards rushing lead NFL. … Pittsburgh LB T.J. Watt’s four sacked tied for second most by rookie in NFL. … Steelers are 31st in red zone touchdown percentage (42 percent). … Pittsburgh’s 29 sacks tied for second in NFL. … NBC will use ”SkyCam” as primary viewing angle for first time. Network will revert to traditional angles when situation dictates. …. Fantasy Tip: Steelers’ offense typically gets going in November. Bell’s 1,877 total yards in November games since 2013 are most in NFL. Brown is second with 1,849.

For more NFL coverage: http://www.pro32.ap.org and http://www.twitter.com/AP-NFL


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ized teams, a

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Sunday Nick Boyle Jersey , 1 p.m. EDT, Fox

OPENING LINE – Eagles by 13

Article continues below ...
RECORD VS. SPREAD – San Francisco 4-3, Philadelphia 5-2

SERIES RECORD – 49ers lead 19-12-1

LAST MEETING – 49ers beat Eagles 26-21, Sept. 28, 2014

LAST WEEK – 49ers lost to Cowboys 40-10; Eagles beat Redskins 34-24

AP PRO32 RANKING – 49ers No. 31 Terrance West Jersey , Eagles No. 1


49ERS DEFENSE – OVERALL (28), RUSH (29), PASS (25)

EAGLES OFFENSE – OVERALL (5), RUSH (4) Mike Wallace Jersey , PASS (9)


STREAKS, STATS AND NOTES – 49ers have won last two meetings after losing five in row. … Two of most penalized teams, averaging combined 16 penalties. … 49ers rookie QB C.J. Beathard passed for 235 yards and ran for TD in first career start last week. … RB Carlos Hyde has five TDs rushing in last five games vs. NFC East. … WR Pierre Garcon has 40 receptions for 470 yards and four TDs in past six meetings. Garcon was with Washington before joining SF. … LB Elvis Dumervil has three sacks and two forced fumbles in two games vs. Eagles. … Niners’ defense is worst on third down Eric Weddle Jersey , allowing 49.5 percent conversion rate. … K Robbie Gould is 9 for 10 on extra points, 16 for 17 on field goals. … Eagles haven’t started 6-1 since going 7-0 in 2004 when they reached Super Bowl. … Eagles have won seven straight vs. NFC opponents. … Philly has scored more than 20 points in 11 consecutive games, longest active streak in NFL. … Offense leads NFL in third-down conversions (50.5 percent). … QB Carson Wentz leads NFL with 17 TD passes and ranks fourth in passing yards (1,852) and QB rating (104). … TE Zach Ertz leads his position with 39 catches, 494 yards receiving and five TDs. … Rookie DE Derek Barnett had first two-sack game last week. … Halapoulivaati Vaitai replaces nine-time Pro Bowl LT Jason Peters. … LB Jordan Hicks is big loss on defense. Fantasy Tip: Garcon has done well against Philadelphia and 49ers figure to throw plenty facing No. 1 run defense Matt Judon Jersey , plus they should be playing catch-up most of game.

For more NFL coverage: http://www.pro32.ap.org and http://www.twitter.com/AP-NFL


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ought after quarterback. He comp

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SANTA CLARA Antonio Garcia Jersey , Calif. (AP) Just over a month after arriving as the franchise quarterback of the future in San Francisco, Jimmy Garoppolo is set for his first start with the 49ers.

Garoppolo got three days of practice work with the starters this week. He has worked with coach Kyle Shanahan to put together a game plan he is comfortable with despite his limited knowledge of the offense for the game Sunday between the 49ers (1-10) and the Chicago Bears (3-8).

”It’s been fun,” Shanahan said of the process. ”Each day as he’s gotten more reps Derek Rivers Jersey , he gets a better understanding of things. He has more questions after going through it. It’s been good to get some live reps and go in and watch the tape. To have his first full week, or three days in a row, to get all the reps Nate Solder Jersey , has been good for him.”

Article continues below ...
Garoppolo will wear a wristband with the plays to help him make the calls and to give him a cheat sheet in case there are any issues with the coach to quarterback transmission.

He also has a full game plan to work with after being given limited plays the past few weeks when he served as C.J. Beathard’s backup. But there will still be some unknowns since it’s impossible to plan for all the different looks Chicago defensive coordinator Vic Fangio can present for every different play.

”He doesn’t have a lot of experience with all the plays we’re doing,” Shanahan said. ”You’d love to give him that and give him every single rep. When someone does do a ton of coverages and fronts, you can’t give him every single rep against every single look.”

The 49ers traded a 2018 second-round pick to acquire Garoppolo from New England on Oct. 31 and he has undergone a crash-course on learning the offense since then.

He got the opportunity to play for a few plays last week after Beathard left with an injury late in a 24-13 loss to Seattle. Garoppolo completed both passes Devin McCourty Jersey , including a 10-yard touchdown pass to Louis Murphy that showed his ability to fit passes into tight windows because of his strong arm.

Garoppolo’s performance in two starts last year when Tom Brady was suspended was impressive and made him a highly sought after quarterback. He completed 42 of 59 passes for 496 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions in wins against Arizona and Miami.

He got hurt in the second quarter of his second start and has thrown just six passes since then – including the two on Sunday.

”He got a hold of the playbook and he’s been learning since he’s been here. He looks fluid,” receiver Aldrick Robinson said. ”We’re definitely excited. We’re excited for Jimmy Stephen Gostkowski Jersey , excited for the team, excited for the whole organization.”

NOTES: Beathard was able to move around well in practice despite injuries to his knee and hip and will go into the game as Garoppolo’s backup. … RT Trent Brown (shoulder) had his best day of practice Friday but is still listed as questionable and will be a game-time decision. … CB Ahkello Witherspoon hurt his ankle in practice Wednesday and will also be a game-time decision. … S Adrian Colbert (thumb) was also listed as questionable.

More AP NFL: www.pro32.ap.org and www.twitter.com/AP-NFL


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in five straigh

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Week 13 is typically the last regular season game in most season-long fantasy football leagues Frostee Rucker Jersey , so you’ll want to give a lot of thought before submitting your lineups. If you’re fighting for a playoff spot, our advice is to go with the players that got you there, but unexpected injuries and suspensions may not always make that possible.



Article continues below ...
-Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers vs. Cleveland

Rivers has seven TDs and one interception in his last three games. He’s averaged 340 passing yards, thrown five TDs and just one interception in his last two games against the Browns. The Browns have given up the second most points per game this season.

Case Keenum, Minnesota at Atlanta

Keenum has at least 280 passing yards in four straight games, and has thrown multiple TDs in three of those four contests. The Vikings have scored over 31 points per game during that span. The Falcons are dealing with injuries in their secondary including their top cornerback, Desmond Trufant, who is in the league’s concussion protocol.

Running back

– Kenyan Drake, Miami vs. Denver

Overall the Broncos have been tough against the run but they’ve given up the second most fantasy points per game (FPPG) to RBs over the past month. Drake will have the Miami backfield all to himself with Damien Williams sidelined Jared Veldheer Jersey , and has scored double digit fantasy points in three of his last four games in point-per-reception (PPR) scoring formats.

– Alex Collins, Dallas vs. LA Chargers

Collins has emerged as the Ravens’ primary early down back and has scored double digit FPPG in PPR formats in three of his last four games. He’s scored TDs in two straight games and faces the Lions, who’ve given up just under five yards per carry (YPC) and the fourth most FPPG to RBs over the past month.

Marshawn Lynch, Oakland vs. NY Giants

Lynch carried the ball a season high 26 times in Week 12, and with injuries and suspensions limiting the Raiders’ passing game, he may get another heavy workload. He’s scored double digit fantasy points in two of the last three weeks.

Wide receiver

– Jamison Crowder, Washington at Dallas

Crowder is averaging 10 targets, seven catches and 103 receiving yards over his past four games. The Cowboys have given up six TDs to WRs over the past month.

– Robby Anderson, NY Jets vs. Kansas City

Anderson has scored at least one TD in five consecutive games. Former standout cornerback Darrelle Revis will make his debut for the Chiefs, however he’s well past his prime. Anderson should still feast against a Chiefs secondary that’s given up the most TDs and third most FPPG to WRs.

Marquise Goodwin Tyvon Branch Jersey , San Francisco at Chicago

Goodwin could be a sleeper with Jimmy Garoppolo making his first start at QB for the 49ers this week. He leads NFL receivers with 21.4 yards per reception and has scored double digit fantasy points in two straight weeks in PPR scoring formats. The Bears have given up the fifth most FPPG to WRs over the past four weeks.

Tight end

– Jared Cook, Oakland vs. NY Giants

With WR Michael Crabtree serving his one game suspension and Amari Cooper almost certainly out this week due to a concussion and sprained ankle, Cook should see an increase in targets. He has a great matchup against the Giants, whose issues with defending against TEs has been well documented.

-Julius Thomas, Miami vs. Denver

Thomas has seen an uptick in targets over the past four weeks, and faces a Broncos team that has given up the fourth most FPPG to TEs, as well as four TDs in their last five games to the position.



– Derek Carr, Oakland vs. NY Giants

Carr has scored the 22nd fewest fantasy points overall over the past four weeks. Things won’t get any easier for him as Michael Crabtree will be forced to serve his one game suspension, and Amari Cooper will also likely be out due to injuries. The Giants have given up the second most FPPG to QBs, but the Raiders may be forced to lean on their running game this week.

– Dak Prescott J. J. Nelson Jersey , Dallas vs. Washington

Prescott and the Dallas offense have slumped miserably over the past three weeks. The Cowboys have scored a total of 22 points, Prescott has been sacked 16 times, and he’s thrown five interceptions and no TDs during that span. In addition, Prescott has averaged 169 passing yards in his last two games against Washington.

Running back

– Demarco Murray, Tennessee vs. Houston

Murray has averaged 2.5 yards per carry (YPC) over his past six games and hasn’t rushed for 100 yards in a game since Week 3. The Texans have given up just five rushing TDs, second fewest in the NFL.

– Ameer Abdullah, Detroit at Baltimore

Abdullah has averaged just under 10 carries per game over the past three weeks, and is averaging 2.7 YPC over the past five weeks. The Ravens are giving up the third fewest FPPG to RBs over the past month.

Wide receiver

– T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis at Jacksonville

Hilton has three or fewer receptions in seven of 11 games this season. The Jaguars have given up the fewest receptions, receiving yards A.Q. Shipley Jersey , TDs, and not surprisingly, the fewest FPPG to WRs.

– Dez Bryant, Dallas vs. Washington

Bryant was held to just four catches and 39 receiving yards against Washington earlier this season. He hasn’t caught a TD in five straight games, and is averaging just five catches and 50 yards during that span. Washington has given up the sixth fewest FPPG to WRs.

Tight end

– Cameron Brate, Ta.

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an Schraeder Jersey[/ur

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CINCINNATI (AP) The Bengals are celebrating their 50th season.

None has been worse when it comes to their running game.

Cincinnati ranks last in the NFL in running the ball and is on pace to shatter franchise records for ineptitude on the ground. There’s no relief in sight for the fading Bengals (3-6) Matt Bryant Jersey , who play in Denver (3-6) on Sunday.

Article continues below ...
Jeremy Hill is out for the rest of the season with an ankle injury that requires surgery, leaving it to rookie Joe Mixon and Giovani Bernard to try to get yards behind a line that’s not giving them much of a chance.

There’s only so much they can change so late in the season.

”You can’t go to the triple option, right?” offensive coordinator Bill Lazor said. ”You can’t change everything in midseason. But there are things you can do, and these are NFL players so they also can adjust as you go, and that’s part coaching.”

Hill managed only 116 yards and a 3.1-yard average as Mixon grew into the role of lead runner. The second-round pick has 321 yards Matt Bosher Jersey , a 3-yard average and all three of the Bengals’ touchdowns rushing. Giovani Bernard has 113 yards.

The line was so overwhelmed during a 23-7 loss at Jacksonville that the Bengals had only seven plays that gained yards in the second half; they lost yards on seven plays. Hill went on injured reserve before a 24-20 loss at Tennessee last Sunday.

The Bengals have converted only 2 of 18 third down plays in the past two games. They ran the ball 18 times on first down in those games and lost yards six times while being limited to 3 yards or fewer eight other times.

”What’s really been the problem is losing on first down, getting negative plays on first down,” receiver Brandon LaFell said Wednesday. ”We’ve been making it third-and-long and all that dudes are doing is dropping eight guys in coverage and that’s not good for any offense.”

The Bengals are on pace to rush for 1,122 yards, easily their worst for a non-strike season. The club low for a non-strike season is 1 Ricardo Allen Jersey ,439 yards in 1995. Their 3.1-yard average per carry also would shatter the previous club mark of 3.6 yards.

To put their projected total of 1,122 yards rushing in perspective: Corey Dillon ran for more than that by himself in six consecutive seasons from 1997-2002 when they had a losing record each season leading up to Marvin Lewis’ arrival as head coach.

Mixon is on pace to run for 571 yards, which would be the fourth-lowest total for a lead Bengals running back in franchise history. Charlie Davis ran for 375 yards in 1974, Derrick Fenner ran for 468 yards in 1994, and Larry Kinnebrew ran for 570 yards in 1987.

The biggest problem is the offensive line Ryan Schraeder Jersey , which hasn’t been able to open holes for the running backs or protect Andy Dalton, who is on pace to get sacked 44 times.

McCARRON SITS: Lewis said he’s not inclined to play backup quarterback AJ McCarron even as the Bengals fade from contention. The Bengals agreed to deal McCarron to the Browns on Oct. 31, but Cleveland didn’t get its paperwork finished before the trade deadline, scuttling the deal. Dalton has taken all the snaps this season.

INJURY UPDATE: The Bengals practiced outdoors on a rainy, 45-degree afternoon – they’re the only northern NFL team without a covered practice field.

Cornerbacks William Jackson III (toe) and Adam ”Pacman” Jones (concussion) were held out Andy Levitre Jersey , along with LaFell (knee). Defensive lineman Michael Johnson (back) and safety Shawn Williams (hamstring) were among those limited.

For more NFL coverage: www.pro32.ap.org and http://twitter.com/AP-NFL


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ndy-levitre-jersey]Andy Levitre Jersey[/url] ,” Lewis said.

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CINCINNATI (AP) The flaws were obvious but the ending was different.

The Bengals finally won a game in Denver Matt Bryant Jersey , keeping their hopes for a playoff berth barely flickering for at least one more week.

It’ll take a statistically improbable series of events – a closing flourish by the Bengals, a closing implosion by numerous other teams – but at least there’s a chance.

Article continues below ...
The overriding question: Can the Bengals (4-6) fix the myriad problems that have dragged them down all season?

The Broncos’ struggles helped them win despite another very flawed performance.

”I don’t want it to sound like, `Hey, this was great,”’ offensive coordinator Bill Lazor said Monday. ”It wasn’t great. No one walked out saying it was great, other than the fact we won.

”But I think sometimes you get into those ruts in a season where you feel like if we could just get a win right now Matt Bosher Jersey , maybe we can get the momentum turned, and I thought that’s what we were able to do.”

Andy Dalton got more time to throw and ended up with three touchdown passes, the last to A.J. Green for the decisive points in the 20-17 victory . But the running game was as bad as ever – 49 total yards – and the defense again had trouble getting off the field.

The Broncos (3-7) ran 26 more plays and had the ball for 10 minutes more than the Bengals. Denver also vastly outgained Cincinnati, 341-190, but self-destructed along the way.

In response, the Broncos fired offensive coordinator Mike McCoy on Monday and elevated quarterbacks coach Bill Musgrave.

The Bengals’ first win in Denver since 1975 Ricardo Allen Jersey , when franchise founder Paul Brown was the head coach, gave them a chance to do something accomplished only four times since the league went to the current playoff format in 1990. The only teams to reach the postseason after starting 3-6 are the 1994 Patriots, the 1995 Lions, the 1996 Jaguars and the 2012 Redskins.

”Everything is still out in front of us,” Dalton said . ”We just need to keep winning.”

The Bengals haven’t won more than two games in a row. One of the most glaring problems has been the offensive line’s inability to protect Dalton or open holes for running backs. Dalton hasn’t been sacked as often lately – only twice in Denver – but the running game remains the biggest problem, ranking last in the NFL and worst in franchise history .

They’re on pace to rush for 1 Ryan Schraeder Jersey ,088 yards, easily their worst for a non-strike season. Their 3-yard average would shatter the club low mark of 3.6 yards.

”We’re failing to get the job done,” coach Marvin Lewis said Monday.


The Bengals ended their streak of two straight games with a star ejected before halftime. Green was tossed in Jacksonville, and linebacker Vontaze Burfict was thrown out in Tennessee. In Denver, Green led with four catches for 50 yards. Burfict had a team-high 12 tackles and a sack, along with forcing a fumble.

”You have a better shot at winning when your best players are on the field Andy Levitre Jersey ,” Lewis said.


The Bengals host winless Cleveland (0-10) on Sunday in the first of three straight home games. Pittsburgh (8-2) then visits for a Monday night game, followed by a visit from Chicago (3-7). Cincinnati is 2-2 at Paul Brown Stadium this season and 6-5 over the past two seasons. The Browns have dropped six straight to the Bengals, including 31-7 on Oct. 1.

For more NFL coverage: www.pro32.ap.org and http://twitter.com/AP-NFL


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milar experie

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NEW YORK (AP) When owners talk directly with players Frostee Rucker Jersey , it often has to do with contracts.

The dialogue Tuesday was of a much different nature, and from the way NFL team owners, Commissioner Roger Goodell and a bunch of players reacted, the discussions were informative, enlightening and potentially impactful.

In an unprecedented move, the league invited players and representatives from their union to the annual fall meeting, seeking a way of enhancing the players’ platforms for speaking out on social issues. Player demonstrations during the national anthem, begun by then-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick more than a year ago, had been misconstrued as being protests against the anthem itself, or the American flag Jared Veldheer Jersey , or the military.

Article continues below ...
That, the players insisted, was an inaccurate interpretation that was exacerbated when President Donald Trump called them out and suggested the owners should fire any players who knelt during ”The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Some NFL owners and the commissioner have engaged in lengthy talks with the players in the last few weeks. This was an opportunity to do so on a larger scale.

So 11 owners, nearly a dozen players, Goodell and executives from the league and the NFL Players Association got together for more than two hours Tuesday.

”We felt like the meeting went really well,” said Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, a player whose presence in the Philadelphia community has been notable for years. ”Obviously we’ve been invited up here to be able to speak with owners about some of the issues of injustice that we’ve seen in our communities, and how as players we can use our platforms. And we just talked about how the owners could come alongside us collectively, collaboratively work together to create change, some real change.”

Goodell said the owners basically were all-in on any such initiatives. Just how they will get involved is uncertain. Indeed Tyvon Branch Jersey , one owner, Dallas’ Jerry Jones, has threatened to adhere to the president’s demand that any player not standing for the anthem not be allowed to play. Others might feel the same way but haven’t been vocal about it.

Goodell was extremely vocal in praising the players’ advocacy, if not how they have gone about it; the NFL supports all players standing during the anthem.

”Their commitment to addressing these issues is really admirable, and something that our owners looked at and said: `We want to help support you. Those are issues that affect us as well. They’re our issues also. We’d like to do it together,”’ Goodell said.

Jenkins and other players expect that will happen.

”Conversations will continue, the dialogue will continue,” he said. ”As players we’ll continue to work in our communities because we feel like that’s the most American thing to do, to use your platform and influence. With the stage that we have as NFL players, and as a league in general J. J. Nelson Jersey , we feel a real responsibility to our country, to our communities, so we’re working through ways to really have long-lasting, real change.”

Whether further talks without any immediate action will placate the critics is questionable. But to expect a solution to be reached in two hours or so during what truly was a fact-finding meeting is unrealistic.

Buffalo linebacker Lorenzo Alexander, a player rep to the union, notes that it’s critical that all sides involved don’t ”just make this a one day, show up, great optics and then leave it behind.”

He recognizes that the most difficult task is persuading people that there’s a message behind the demonstrations, that there’s no lack of patriotism, no disrespect for the anthem.

”That’s the hardest thing because those people are automatically putting their blinders up because they disagree with how we went about bringing the awareness A.Q. Shipley Jersey ,” Alexander said. ”I wish I could in some way get through to those people. Ultimately, it’s going to probably take sitting down with somebody like myself or somebody who has similar experiences and really having an open conversation, and not allow that anger or disappointment in how they perceive what we’re doing as disrespecting our country to get in the way.

”And that’s ultimately, the only way they’re ever going to see my point of view.”

What’s next? Certainly more community involvement from virtually everyone in pro football. More dialogue about the issues troubling the players. More discussion about the manner of protest that is troubling the owners.

”Very little of the meeting was about the actual anthem,” Jenkins said. ”We were really more talking about solutions and how we get the results that we want to get.”

AP Sports Writers Simmi Buttar and John Wawrow contributed to this report.

For more NFL coverage: http://www.pro32.ap.org and http://www.twitter.com/AP-NFL


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s I’ve ever seen.”

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EDEN PRAIRIE Graham Gano Jersey , Minn. (AP) The surest evidence that a cornerback has established himself as a standout in the NFL is not an All-Pro honor or an eight-figure contract extension.

No, the true sign of arrival is the shadow assignment.

For Xavier Rhodes, that moment came late in his second season with the Minnesota Vikings, when he lined up across from Calvin Johnson in Detroit on Dec. 14, 2014, and, oh, was Rhodes nervous.

Article continues below ...
”Jittery, my first time doing it,” Rhodes said, ”and now it’s just part of my job.”

Rhodes held Johnson to four catches and 53 yards on six targets in a 16-14 loss that afternoon to the Lions. Since then he has frequently been dispatched to cover the opponent’s most dangerous wide receiver.

This week will provide another one of those tough tests: Julio Jones.

”I don’t believe he has any weakness at all Charles Johnson Jersey ,” Rhodes said, matter of factly.

Rhodes covered Jones on Nov. 29, 2015, at Atlanta in a 20-10 victory by the Vikings over the Falcons and limited the four-time Pro Bowl pick to five receptions and 56 yards on seven attempts from quarterback Matt Ryan. The difference this time is that Jones is coming off a two-touchdown, 12-catch, 253-yard game that guided the Falcons to a 34-20 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers .

Rhodes was already plenty respectful of his ability, though. He said he’s not changing his mentality just because Jones had such a huge performance.

”Don’t believe in the hype, don’t be afraid of the name, just believe in the game,” Rhodes said. ”I know he’s one of the best receivers in the league, and I’ve just got to go out and play with the mindset of having confidence going against him.”

Jones is the only player in NFL history with more than one game of 250 receiving yards or more. He has three. Jones also has 563 receptions for 8 Andrew Norwell Jersey ,649 yards in his career, the most in the league in both categories through 90 games. He edged past Anquan Boldin (558 for several teams) and Antonio Brown (554 for the Pittsburgh Steelers) in catches.

”Just defending their whole offense is difficult, let alone trying to defend a guy like Julio and Ryan,” Zimmer said.

Indeed, Rhodes won’t be able to slow down the high-flying defending NFC champions by himself. The Falcons have won three straight games to soar back into postseason contention, scoring 95 points during the streak.

”They throw the ball to everybody. Everybody eats on that offense, so it’s going to be crucial that our front guys get at the quarterback and make him uncomfortable,” Vikings cornerback Terence Newman said.

In the 33 games since that last matchup with the Falcons, the Vikings have allowed only two 100-yard receivers: Michael Floyd for the Cardinals on Dec. 10, 2015, and Jordy Nelson for the Green Bay Packers on Dec. 24 Daryl Williams Jersey , 2016.

Brown, who leads the NFL with 1,195 yards, had only five receptions for 62 yards on 11 targets in Pittsburgh on Sept. 17 when the Steelers beat the Vikings 26-9. Jones is second in the league with 1,039 yards, with Ryan still in prime form following his MVP season.

”You can tell their bond, their chemistry, is off the walls,” Rhodes said. ”He believes in Julio. He can put the ball in places that Julio only can get it, and that’s anywhere, honestly. He could throw it into the ground Mario Addison Jersey , and Julio would find a way to end up catching it.”

The Vikings believe in Rhodes, too, of course.

”I go out there with the confidence not only in myself, but I feel like my teammates and the coaches have confidence, too,” Rhodes said. ”So if I lack confidence on the field, I know they’re going to encourage me and help me out going against those guys.”

Said Newman, the 15-year veteran: ”He’s one of the hardest-working guys I’ve ever seen.”

Falcons running back Devonta Freeman has seen that work ethic of both players up close. Jones has a cubicle next to his in the locker room. Rhodes was a college teammate at Florida State.

”Big-time player matching up with a big-time player,” Freeman said.

For more NFL coverage: http://www.pro32.ap.org and http://www.twitter.com/AP-NFL


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hreatened to sue the league.

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ATLANTA (AP) The Dallas Cowboys knew it would be tough to get by without Ezekiel Elliott.

Turns out Graham Gano Jersey , they missed Tyron Smith even more.

With their starting left tackle sidelined by back and groin injuries, the Cowboys surrendered six sacks to Adrian Clayborn in one of the greatest pass rushing performances in NFL history.

Article continues below ...
The result: an ugly 27-7 loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday .

”The next man up has to be ready on a moment’s notice,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. ”We didn’t handle the adversity of the day.”

After three legal reprieves, Elliott finally began serving a six-game suspension for allegations of domestic abuse . There was certainly no replacing a dynamic back who led the league in rushing as a rookie.

Alfred Morris started in Elliott’s place and broke off a 20-yard run, but the former Pro Bowler really didn’t have much of an impact. He finished with 11 carries for 53 yards.

Rod Smith carried three times for 14 yards, while Darren McFadden was stuffed for a 2-yard loss on his lone run.

”We became one-dimensional Charles Johnson Jersey ,” Morris said. ”We got behind. I take full ownership of that. We’ll learn from this game.”

Chaz Green certainly has a lot to learn.

The third-year lineman stepped in for Smith – and spent most of the game grasping at air.

Clayborn was simply too quick off the edge, blowing by Smith time after time.

”It was more me not sticking to what I know,” Green said. ”A lot of my issues were self-inflicted. It just hurts because I feel I let the team down.”

Clayborn, who had two sacks on the season and 22.5 in his seven-year career before Sunday, broke the Atlanta team record and equaled the second-most sacks by any player in a game.

Only the great Derrick Thomas has ever been credited with more, recording seven sacks for the Kansas City Chiefs in a 1990 game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Clayborn also forced two fumbles by Dak Prescott and recovered one of them Andrew Norwell Jersey , simply ripping the ball out of the quarterback’s hands .

”Give them a lot of credit for completely compromising everything we did offensively,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said.

With the running game bogged down and Prescott running for his life, the Cowboys (5-4) never got much going offensively against an Atlanta team that has lost four of five games.

Dallas finished with just 233 yards, its worst showing of the season.

In all, Prescott was sacked eight times – just two fewer sacks than he endured through the Cowboys’ first eight games. The second-year quarterback had never been sacked more than four times in a game.

”When we got in those passing situations, we couldn’t slow them down Daryl Williams Jersey ,” Garrett said. ”We didn’t protect well enough, and they put too much pressure on Dak.”

The dismal performance in Atlanta capped a tumultuous week for the Cowboys , who had been riding a three-game winning streak.

Jones is upset about a contract extension for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and didn’t dispute reports that he has threatened to sue the league.

While unhappy about with the way Goodell handled Elliott’s case, Jones said he is mainly at odds with the league over a committee of six owners, chaired by Arthur Blank of the Falcons, negotiating an extension without another vote of all 32 owners. Blank was also at Sunday’s game Mario Addison Jersey , but there was no indication that he spoke with Jones about their differences.

As for Elliott’s case, the Cowboys are moving on.

”He intends to come back with a fresh approach,” Jones said. ”He’s learning things every day. What I want for Zeke is that he is a better person.”

Follow Paul Newberry on Twitter at https://twitter.com/pnewberry1963 . His work can be found at https://apnews.com/search/paul%20newberry

For more AP NFL coverage: http://pro32.ap.org and https://twitter.com/AP-NFL


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