Itís time to take the bubble wrap off Taylor

Itís time to take the bubble wrap off Taylor

31.10.2018 03:08

Moton Ready or not Youth DJ Moore Jersey , but Taylor Moton will likely be starting at right tackle for the injured Daryl Williams when the Panthers kick off the 2018 regular season against the Dallas Cowboys. Williams has been diagnosed with a torn MCL and dislocated patella and currently does not have a timetable for his return. Until the Panthers share more information on Williamsí rehab, all we can do at this point is speculate as to when heíll be back, so letís speculate! Dr. David Chao at National Football Post said this in 2015 about MCL injuries:Dr. Chao then noted the Broncos Shane Ray had suffered a high grade MCL sprain and would miss 4-6 weeks. This is generally consistent with published information from the University of California San Francisco which says the MCL ďusually responds very well to non-surgical treatmentĒ and a Grade 3 tear usually takes four to eight weeks to heal. Iím not a doctor, but letís assume Williams will be out eight weeks since he also had the issue with the patella. That puts his return sometime at the end of September which is Week 4 of the NFL season. Carolina conveniently has a bye during Week 4 which means Daryl might only miss the teamís first three games. (Or he could be out a lot longer, we just donít know yet.)An eight week recovery leaves Taylor Moton starting at right tackle against the Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons, and Cincinnati Bengals. Each of these teams had good defenses last year with Atlanta having the No. 8 scoring defense (19.7 PPG) Color Rush Dontari Poe Jersey , Dallas the No. 13 (20.8 PPG), and Cincinnati the league-average No. 16 (21.8 PPG), per ESPN. Frankly, Iím excited to see what Moton will do as a starter against quality opponents. Iím on record as saying the Panthers wasted Motonís rookie season last year by giving the second round pick just 64 offensive snaps while Amini Silatolu somehow played 256 snaps. Itís time to take off Taylorís bubble wrap. The best case scenario, of course, is Moton holds his own as a fill-in starter and Williams returns somewhere around the Week 4 bye. We can all then breathe a sigh of relief in knowing Moton can provide solid depth for the rest of the year and potentially start next year if Daryl Williams canít be re-signed. And who knows, maybe Moton steps in at left guard later this season if he looks good early on? Crazier things have happened. We saw virtually nothing from Taylor Moton during his rookie season. Heís an enigma. Heís a mystery. Heís all potential with no real track record. There will be no more hiding in 2018. The spotlight on Taylor Moton will be bright. Letís hope heís ready for prime time.Panthers at Falcons: Carolina has announced its starting offensive line The Panthers have announced their starting offensive line for their week 2 game in Atlanta. The most newsworthy item in this announcement is that new free agent Chris Clark will be starting at left tackle. The most surprising bit Youth Cam Newton Jersey , at first glance, is that Amini Silatolu is not starting at any position on the line.Clark last played in an NFL game in November 2017 and did not spend any time in training camp with any team this year. This is the most likely reason why Silatolu isnít starting today: the team is concerned about Clarkís conditioning and will use Silatolu to spell him for a significant number of snaps today.It would appear the team is more confident in having a part time left tackle in Clark than in having a full time one in Moton with Corey Robinson, whose conditioning should not be in doubt, manning the right tackle spot.

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