New Panthers OC Norv

New Panthers OC Norv

21.12.2018 02:40

Turner proves his worth in 31-21 win over Bengals With 20 receptions in the first two games we were already talking about running back Christian McCaffrey chances of breaking some kind of receptions record in 2018. The Bengals defensive coordinator certainly had to make it a focus of the defensive game plan; protect the edges and the flat in response to the Panthers’ propensity to run or pass to McCaffrey in those directions.New Panthers offensive coordinator Norv Turner made all that planning for naught. Instead Turner ran McCaffrey between the tackles to the tune of 184 yards on 28 carries Cheap Taylor Moton Jersey , a whopping 6.6 yards per carry. If you were like me, as the game wore on in the second half you probably thought “well now Newton will start to throw to McCaffrey in the flat”. Nope, it never happened. McCaffrey only caught two passes for 10 yards on the day, a huge departure from what the Panthers offense did in Weeks 1 and 2. The result of this effort is the Panthers lead the NFL in averaging 166 yards per game. That is Ron Rivera football right there.Let me throw some additional credit where it’s due. The patchwork offensive line did a great job of run blocking in this game. Also huge props to McCaffrey for his tough, tackle-breaking running. I read somewhere he averaged almost three additional yards after contact and had eight or 10 broken tackles. Can we please now stop with the ‘McCaffrey can’t run between the tackles’ narrative? He blew that up this past Sunday.On a related note here’s a graphic on McCaffrey’s directional success:Another reason I find the game plan genius is it took the pressure off the aforementioned patchwork line. With three starters out of the game the Panthers needed to avoid forcing Newton to stand in the pocket and win the game with his arm. Running the ball between the tackles did just that. The fact Newton was under a lot of pressure when he dropped back to pass supports this notion. Here are the PFF grades for the Panthers’ three fill-in starters on the offensive line:I should add that right tackle Taylor Moton was the Panthers’ top graded player on offense and even made the All Offense Team for PFF this week. I imagine Turner looked at this group of fill-ins and realized we had to run the ball in order to win this game. That turned out to be an advantage since it was the opposite of the Panthers’ film from the first two games. Advantage Panthers.I could get used to this whole ‘out game planning the competition’ stuff.Watching Cam Newton land on his head in a preseason game was like...(fill in the blank) The best thing about this week’s final preseason game is that Cam Newton will be safely stashed away in protective bubble wrap. This means Cam won’t have the opportunity to let his competitive instinct compel him to do something reckless, you know, like diving for a meaningless preseason first down, getting upended by a defender http://www.pantherscheapshop.com/cheap-authentic-david-mayo-jersey , then landing on his head as his neck compresses like an accordion. Seriously Cam, never, ever, ever, ever, ever do that again in the preseason, okay? In fact, don’t even do that in the regular season. Please. Your health is more important than any first down. I was watching the game against the Patriots live when Cam landed on his noggin. As he went airborne Womens Ian Thomas Jersey , time slowed down. My brain started calculating landing angles, impact force, and potential head/neck damage before Cam hit the turf. Images of our QB1 getting strapped down on a stretcher then carted away in an ambulance flashed through my mind. Fortunately, Cam shook it off, sat out a few plays, then trotted right back to the huddle. Crisis averted, but most Panthers fans are probably still shaken up after the near tragedy. To help all of us move past the trauma of this event, I’m hosting some free group therapy in the comments below. You can start by filling in the blank to the statement Youth Kawann Short Jersey , “Watching Cam Newton land on his head in a preseason game was like鈥?#8221; and go from there. For me, watching Cam Newton land on his head in the preseason was like watching an innocent bystander get wiped out by an inner-tuber rocketing down a snowy hill. You’ve all seen videos like these before. You cringe in anticipation of the impact because you can see it coming from a mile away but you can do nothing to stop it. Inner tubing, like football, is dangerous, but people can avoid getting obliterated on a mountain by having situational awareness and using caution, two traits Cam Newton momentarily lacked against the Patriots. There, I feel a bit better. Thank you for helping me move forward with my Cam-related trauma. What was it like for you?

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