I have visited the beautiful

I have visited the beautiful

09.07.2018 09:13

I have visited the beautiful scenery of Mount Lushan and climbed the incense mountain of the red leaf letter fire, but I love the majestic Mount Tai. day during the summer vacation, my father and mother came to Taishan, a well-known tourist destination in China and abroad, to prepare to climb from the ��Zhongtianmen�� to the highest peak of Mount Tai. walked on the road of mountaineering Carton Of Newports. The creeks on the roadside flowed, the green stone walls were dotted with yellow flowers, and occasionally some small temples with yellow-red walls were seen. It��s really antique and beautiful.en it came to "Shengxianfang", it began to fog. The jade card is looming in the fog. The fog is getting thicker and thicker, and even the yellow flowers around me can only see a vague shadow Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. At this time Marlboro Lights, I felt like I was a fairy, and I was flying to Xiangtian with Xiangyun. Hey, isn't that yellow flower a star that is covered by clouds?en we came to the "South Gate", the fog was even stronger. The "Nantianmen", which is only two meters away from us, can only see the red paint gate and the plaque. Under the backdrop of the stone wall, ��Nantianmen�� is sometimes magnificent and magnificent, giving people an unpredictable and varied beauty.n I arrived at Jade Emperor Peak, the fog had already passed. When you walk into the temple door, the first thing that catches your eye is the golden figure of "Yuan Shi Tian Zun". I saw him wearing a robe, sitting cross-legged, holding a handle in the left hand, holding a red Dan in his right hand, vivid and full of life. There is also a gold e walked out of the temple door and came to the foothills. The magnificent scenery immediately fascinated me: here, the distant mountains are continuous, like a long dragon flying to the horizon; over there, the peaks and undulations are like waves rolling, huge waves. Emptying; the mountains in the vicinity are thick green Carton Of Cigarettes, the mountains in the distance are green; looking up, looking at the heavens, the eagle hovering over our heads; overlooking the mountains, rock formations, abyss. This strange, beautiful and dangerous intertwined constitutes a beautiful picture. s time, I have enjoyed the scenery of Mount Tai, and I can��t help but deeply admire: ��The old saying goes well, the mountains show Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, the scenery of Huangshan, the majesty of Mount Tai!��

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