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Many modern photocopiers have hard drives that can handle storing a large amount of data of all the activities that have taken place on the photocopier hence this poses a data security threat.

When considering disposing of photocopiers it may be beneficial to check out the choices available. It is possible to remove and physically destroy a copier锟絪 hard drive prior to disposal.

Alternatively Valtteri Filppula Jersey , some machines, such as those produced by Xerox, now offer digital shredding, which involves overwriting the copied files so they cannot be recovered (although computer forensic analysts can always be able to recover fragments of data).

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When copies are created unto photocopiers, a digital image is made and stored on the photocopiers internal drive. You will find a risk of the data getting into the wrong hands in case your company fails to take steps to overwrite the drive before scapping or reselling the computer.

While many organisations take precautions to get rid of data stored on computers and handsets before disposal, photocopiers are typically not viewed as computers and so not treated with the same level of risk, even though they are able to do many of the same things as a personal computer.

For instance, a potential hacker might not need to have access to your business building in order to access the photocopier锟絪 information. A lot of modern photocopiers are able to fax andor email copied documents, as well as connect wirelessly via the company network with other computers so as for documents to be shared. As a result in case a hacker were to gain access to the corporate network, it may be straight forward not to only access sensitive data on the photcopier wirelessly, but additionally transmit it electronically to any location of preference.

For contsant security, the 锟絛igital shredding锟?process may be viewed as a quite essential step not just at the aim of disposal, but throughout the path of making use of the photocopier. This is due to even while a photocopier sits safely in an office, it still poses a security risk, since anyone with access to the device could access and copy the drive, potentially laying their hands on information they may not be permitted to look at, such as invoices, contracts as well as passports copied for HR purposes.

Finally it may be beneficial to handle a photocopier just as you would handle a computer, it is a source of sensitive information and a potential entry point into your business network. As a result, business with modern photocopiers should be aware of the risks involved, security steps should be put in place that go beyond disposal and 锟絛igital shredding锟? to deal with issues such the security of the network and which personnel are permitted to use the photocopier and have access to it.

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